Mar. 19th, 2013

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Went to India Fest on Saturday. What a (mostly) waste of time. I did pick up a couple of very pretty bags. Could have done more shopping, it's dangerous in that way. But really, if you've seen one India Fest in Gainesville, you've seen all India Fests in Gainesville.

The woman I bought the bags from used to own Green Mango. I miss that place.

I had an all right masala dosa and a sort of okay sambar. The samosa I got, though, that was good.

Found a couple of crockpot recipes, when I started wandering around. Going to try making some crockpot sambar. That sounds good. And dum aloo. I don't know if I've ever had dum aloo but it sounds good and crockpotting it sounds like a natural.

Painting, and drawing, continue to be frustrating.

A week ago Monday, though, a little girl in Micanopy asked me if I would draw her picture. I did and it turned out pretty well. She has the original and I have a photocopy of not the greatest quality. She did an amazing job for a nine year old. She sat very well. It was a twenty minute drawing or so. Her pupil looks blown though it didn't look as bad in the original.

Hailey from Micanopy


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