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Quote of the day:

Doubt no more that Oberon—
Never doubt that Pan
Lived, and played a reed, and ran
After nymphs in a dark forest,
In the merry, credulous days,—
Lived, and led a fairy band
Over the indulgent land!
Ah, for in this dourest, sorest
Age man's eye has looked upon,
Death to fauns and death to fays,
Still the dog-wood dares to raise—
Healthy tree, with trunk and root—
Ivory bowls that bear no fruit,
And the starlings and the jays—
Birds that cannot even sing—
Dare to come again in spring! (Doubt No More That Oberon, Edna St Vincent Millay)

Had the Cherry Red in at Performance Trans by 8:00 o'clock (yeah, I'm shocked too) and was out the door before nine thirty. It was the number four cylinder again, but with a twist. Sure, there was some oil fouling but not enough to explain the rough running. Somehow the spark plug had cracked. Strange, right. How do you explain that? Evil mechanic gnomes whacking on my engine while I sleep through the night?

But it's fixed--for now. And it feels so strange. I keep expecting it to miss and it doesn't.

Hard to believe that it's been seven years (and a day) since I had to say goodbye to the little guy. My sweet little guy. Can't believe how much I miss him after all this time. Such a gift, he was, a blessing.

Oh, well, I'm dithering.
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