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In a mood, I guess. Been meaning to update and yet haven't found the oomph to do it. I'm getting some work done towards getting the jewelry finished and ready to photograph and put up on line. Been dithering about getting all the stuff figured out for the etsy store. All the nuts and bolts, the about me stuff and the shop standards. Do I allow refunds/returns and under what circumstances? Shipping. Payment types accepted. Etc., etc., etc. And it's so very arrgh.

A girl in class this last term is doing the graphic design program and has all sorts of ideas. Karen and I plan to pick her brains.

But the hard part is still sitting down and working out all the nuts and bolts. And it's still very arrgh.

Had a bit of happy the other day. The raspberry plant that I thought died over the winter did it fact make it. I found it Monday. And I managed not to let it die these last through very dry, hot days. The rosemary cuttings, some of them, might be hanging on. I hope. They are at least not visibly dead, kaput, gone gone gone beyond.

A few weeks ago, 18 June, in class, I got the bad news--CFOP was closing its doors, forever. I couldn't believe it. I went on line and found the announcement on their facebook page. They couldn't compete with the big box stores and the internet. The art side of the store, the framing side, they were making money. It was the office supply/business furniture stuff that drove them under.

So sad so sad so sad. Said my goodbyes to Daniel and got a hug from Karen (she appreciated my comment of Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo). Karen and I are now friends on facebook. At least I'll be able to keep up with her and what's she's doing. I so enjoyed our conversations.

Hobby Lobby is supposedly about to open, maybe the first or so of August. Unfortunately, they don't sell either my sketchbook of choice or my beloved woodless pencils. I'll have to order both. I know Dick Blick sells the sketchbook I use. I don't remember if they have the pencils.
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