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I keep meaning to post something. I really do. And it's not like I've been super busy doing important stuff, just the usual farting around.

I have a pathetic Etsy store set up with one item. I need to take more pictures and get my act together. I really have a lot of bracelets to put up and maybe--fingers crossed--sell. I did sell that one to Pat, she wore it to her reunion as planned and got loads of praise for it. Hmmm, too bad I did have some business cards made up that she could have passed out to her former classmates.

This is it--the final semester of jewelry class. I need to get my butt in gear and see where we can meet for our "jewelry cooperative." I'm hoping for something on the Friday Art Walk, wouldn't that be amazing.

Had to change sketching day from Monday to Tuesday as I'm taking Stacy's class again and this year it's scheduled Monday-Wednesday from one to two-forty. This is decidedly better than nine o'clock, so hard finding a parking place at nine in the morning.

Taking Life Drawing again. The three sections originally scheduled filled up very early. I was in Dan's Tuesday-Thursday class, also one to two-forty. But they added a Friday morning class and I made the jump. So far, so good. The parking lot is busier on Friday morning for a nine o'clock class than I would have expected but nowhere near as bad as Monday through Thursday at the same time. We are, after all, the only visual arts class scheduled. So while the parking spaces are pretty much full, it's not a demolition derby.

Had to swing by Performance Trans and beg them (okay, no begging was required) to change my license plate for me. Those locking bolts have proven to be more than a little annoying. But they did it in a flash.

Namesake niece (sorta) was diagnosed with an ear infection and pneumonia a week ago. The antibiotics have apparently made quick work of both. Big Brother said he had taken to asking her "how are you feeling?" and she had taken to answering him by kicking him in the shin and saying "does that answer you question?"

They're cute at that age (almost five and a half).

First time back at sketchers, in weeks. About a month, I'd guess. Bill and I had agreed that the holiday weeks were too crazy making to meet up. Which turned out to be a good thing. The Cherry Red decided it need some fixing and I got a bad cold (fun way to spend Christmas). And apparently, Bill had some sort of health issue come up, sounds like it was post-Christmas but pre-New Years. He said he went in for some sort of test and ended up in the hospital for a procedure. Which is another reason we have not met. He's been slow to mend. He emailed me today saying he was feeling much better but that his daughter had gotten back in town from her assignment in Indianapolis and he was going to spend time with her today.

Still, I'm back on track. But after almost six years of sketching Mondays, it's been a bit of a wrench to switch to Tuesdays. I kept feeling, hmmm, odd, bereft, something, on Sunday when I didn't send out a reminder email and then Monday, oy, no sketching. And no class because of MLK Day.
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