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I feel sort of accomplished. I have gotten my driver's license renewed (oh how we laughed, and argued--"hey! those numbers aren't right. I have 692! and I have 674! and I have 689!" "huh? oh, the computer must be acting up again."), my auto tag renewed--for two years. I also have a new copy of my birth certificate and a replacement Social Security Card on the way. The worst experience--the driver's license. It took over three hours. All the rest barely took any time at all, including Social Security. The feds were, fairly, efficient.

Yeah, I know, le gasp!

Must do more painting this weekend. I hope my liquin fine detail comes soon. I was hoping it would come in time to use it this weekend. Maybe I'll swing my CFOP in a few minutes. Gamblin's Neo-Megilp looks interesting. Arrgh, so much stuff, so little time. So little money.

I'm hoping to start on a dead color self portrait this weekend and then use a limited palette (yellow ochre, raw umber, titanium white, um, maybe ultramarine, I'll do some more pondering.)

Oh, well, I go in search of some ibuprofen. 
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Went again to Kanapaha and started on my big landscape. Dan would prefer us to do them at school but I can work on the thing over Thanksgiving weekend at Kanapaha. I can't get on campus till Monday.

I have not started the self portrait.

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Matthew, very gently, reamed us all new ones on Wednesday. We need to get cracking and stop dithering and farting around.

So, our assignment, whether we choose to accept it or not, is to have ready, on the easels at the beginning of class on Monday, ready for crit and to turn in, a new drawing. Absolutely new. Not the ones we were dithering over.

Since I had already got the idea for another drawing, not too much a problem. I ran out a bunch of copies to use as coloring books and colored for a moment and thought, what the hell am I doing? This is a waste of my time. I've planned the drawing, I need to get my "art" in transferable shape, "chartpak" it onto the Rives and go to town.

I'm using the one sketch from two years ago at the keuring (curse their blasted souls to heck and back for not holding one in easy driving distance this year). The sketch, the front half of the horse at least, has always reminded me of an Irish zoomorph a la Book of Kells or something. I've played with the image a bit, thinking I might interlace four of them but went back to the idea of using only three. I'll put a border around the page with ornaments at the corners and in the centers of the long sides. I'll diaper it with dots. And put dots in the centers of the boxes created by the diapered dots. 

At least, I know what I mean.

I had thought, at a certain point in the pondering, that I would outline the heads with gold. That is one thing that the coloring book play did disabuse me of. I've decided to go to black for that and save the gold and magenta for other places. 
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How cool is this? The weird thing that I used to experience when I was a child and teen has a name--Alice in Wonderland syndrome which sounds so much nicer than, say, the Hunting of the Snark syndrome. Wow! I had a syndrome. I wonder if there's a t-shirt?
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 Looked down at one of the tomato plants this afternoon only to find one of the green tomatos was covered with orange bugs. I brushed them off, attempted to kill several, examined tomato, only to find a hole in it. I ditched the tomato, have discovered that the orange bugs are leaf footed bug nymphs. I will be picking up some insecticidal soap and spraying everything liberally.

I didn't manage to get any painting done but at least gessoed three boards, twice. That's almost like accomplishing something.
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 Been a while since I've posted anything here. Keep promising myself I'll do more. And less Farmville.

Anyway, when we last left our fearless heroine, me, I was in the midst of Life Drawing. For the first time. I did a couple self portraits I'm sort of proud of, started doing silver point, struggled with charcoal. Signed up for Painting I and Jewelry (yep, I'm surprised, too) for Summer A. Painting I got canceled. Signed up for Life Drawing for Summer B. Only A and B term classes, at least in Art this summer, perhaps school wide. There's smartness behind it, sort of. Apparently more students are likely to sign up for summer classes if they're the half-term ones. That way they get some summer vacation.

Life Drawing during the summer was fun. I wasn't the oldest one in class. There were about six of us who were "non-traditional" students.

I got a little better at charcoal. Something Dan said, whilst showing us a bunch of Georges de la Tour's and showing us how the light would drop off and coupling that with a remark about "your eye doesn't have a fixed aperture" made it click. I was able to get the tones better but still have trouble getting the whites really white.

Signed up for Painting I and Mixed Media (with the dreaded Matthew Newell), as well as Jewelry (yep, I'm surprised, too) for Fall.

And here we are.

Painting I made quota and I go to class and struggle. I wish for the wonderfulness which is charcoal.

Mixed Media...and the dreaded Matthew Newell. I'm...well...I don't know. I started out really excited by Mixed Media. And I'm less so now. Matthew was going on and on, and he has before, about how the old masters, well, we shouldn't try to make anything like them because their art is "dead art." It's not contemporary, it's not part of our culture and we're not part of that conversation. When we talked about my project, he showed me pictures of sparkly arabians puking rainbows. "Horses have become pets."

I should have heard what he was saying.

More later. Probably much later

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13 reasons to adopt a black cat

I miss my sweet little Count Snoogula. Sigh.
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Left the house later than I like but as we're already six weeks into term, parking wasn't that bad. I didn't get a space as close as I like but it was certainly better than I was expecting.

And then I noticed the white billows gushing from under the hood of the Cherry Red. Oh noes, says I. After a bit of debate, and having called Kathy at Performance Tran, I decided to go to my classes and have the car towed in the afternoon. There are no doubt dozens of drivers not cursing my name. I hadn't even thought about what a mess that parking lot is in the a.m.

Radiator hose. That's all. Expensive enough but not what it could be.

My painting isn't too putrid.

The operative word is still putrid.

And I can't get the smell of oil paint off my hands.
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Caterpillar update 20 September 2012

There are no caterpillars. That's the update. Damned birds. They killed all my baby butterflies.

And now, an lolcat, for you Dr. Who lovers.

Phew! It's biggr on teh insied.
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I'm so tired. Not much of a cold, but it's still enough of a cold. And I'm tired. Ran some errands, got some laundry done, bought an easel (and it's a good 'un, too!) and a tube of phthalo blue because it seemed like a good idea. And I'm wiped. My cough has, mostly, settled down, my costals are a bit sore, discovered that a little while ago when I stretched. And Ricolas are not cough suppressant.

I still have three caterpillars and they're getting big and fat. I have the rue tucked under the tulsi basil and one of the scented geraniums so that it's a little bit out of the way and under cover. I hope it keeps my little guys safe. They'll grow up to be vaishnava butterflies, maybe they'll hang with the ISKCON folks at the front of the university on Friday afternoons, chanting the names of the Lord (and you'll be free, the Lord is awaiting on you all to awaken and see, ah Georgey). Hmm, maybe I could make little bitty tulsi malas for my caterpillars and somehow put them on said bugs and then even if the birds do snatch 'em...

Maybe the caterpillars would prefer I leave them alone (here comes that crazy woman again, look busy).

My new easel comes with a palette and a little drawer to store stuff in. http://www.art-alternatives.com/products/items/bamboo-sonoma-sketch-box-easel.htmlhttp://www.art-alternatives.com/products/items/bamboo-sonoma-sketch-box-easel.html

And I can use it as a tabletop easel as well as a stand up easel. 

Garuda is a vaishnava, isn't he?

I'm supposed to copy a Euan Uglow painting of an orange.

Why? Uglow leaves me meh.

Oh, well, before I write more nonsense, I'll close for the night. Oh, and the easel, the tube of phthalo blue and a bag of cinnamon jelly bellies set me back, with tax, less than 100 dollars, matey.

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On the butterfly front, I am now down to only three black swallowtail caterpillars. On Friday, there were about fifteen. Imagine my surprise when I glanced over at my bronze fennel and saw it engulfed in caterpillars (I think the plant will survive but it's a near thing). The only other larval plant I have is a decent sized rue and I managed to coax and then actually pluck off and transfer bodily (some of those caterpillars were damned hardheaded) about five. I had hoped to make it out to the nursery to pick up some more fennel and maybe some dill, it's finally cool enough for dill and chervil and such. But, helas, I came down with a cold, not a bad one, but bad enough, and I've been curtailing much stuff. 

And arrgh, I have painting and mixed media classes to catch up with.

Arrgh. Maybe I'll feel up to painting tomorrow. Big Brother suggested mixing alizarin crimson and ultramarine for a better, richer, more nuanced black (okay, so he didn't say nuanced, so sue me). And I really want to try it.

Send good vibes to my butterflies, some of the big ones might have transferred to another plant to form their chrysalides, one can only hope. 


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Quote of the day: There was one picture in particular which bothered him. It had begun with a leaf caught in the wind, and it became a tree; and the tree grew, sending out innumerable branches, and thrusting out the most fantastic roots. Strange birds came and settled on the twigs and had to be attended to. Then all round the Tree, and behind it, through the gaps in the leaves and boughs, a country began to open out; and there were glimpses of a forest marching over the land, and of mountains tipped with snow. (Leaf by Niggle, J.R.R. Tolkien)

Did my first oil painting, a monochromatic quick study of a (deer?) skull in class on Wednesday. And, if you're very kind and sort of near sighted and then squint a lot, it sort of maybe looks like a monochromatic quick study of a (deer) skull.


And I thought painting would be hard.

I found myself wishing for the safe, familiarity of charcoal--stop laughing.

I told Pat that, in both classes, I felt like an ESL student. Color? Media? I'm lost. Give me a hammer and some metal and I'm a happy girl.

Love copper even more. Silver is up to $32 or so again. Copper, about $3.50 a pound.

I do so love copper.

Hmmm, I wonder if I hitting my paintings with my hammers would make them better paintings. Or at least performance art.

Hmmm, I need to make an art userpic.
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Somehow I doubt that Harry has an astonishing apatite.

I could be wrong.
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I'm so glad Snape has seen the real Harry during those harrowing Legilimency lessons. Good to know that Harry will get help for those headaches. Pesky things, headaches.

Yep, no wonder he has those, what with that ruptured spleen of his.

Gadzooks! You're right, if that ruptured spleen had gone undiscovered much longer, well, it would not have been pretty. 

Let's recap, shall we?

Harry and Snape started working on Legilimency after Christmas of Harry's Fifth Year at Hogwarts. He has not seen Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia or darling Cousin Dudders since 1 September at the latest. So who caused the splenic fracture? My God, just what kind of school is Dumbledore running? Or had he already skedaddled, I don't remember. Dumbledore, Umbridge, I get them confused sometimes. Never mind that now.

But you know...with a little tweaking, we might make this work for you. How about this, Harry has an excess of yellow bile, okay, he's splenic. It works, don't you see, a choleric Harry is a caplocks Harry. And we hardly ever see the hard sciences at Hogwarts. Bringing in the elements and humours and hell the doctrine of signatures would really ground the whole Potterverse, make it more real. You just can't argue with true facts. 

Now go away, you make my head hurt and I'm prettty sure it's not because of my spleen. I'm more the black bile sort, myself.
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There are four (maybe more) tomatos on the one plant. They're little and green and have a bunch of growing to do but they're mine all mine.

Had midterm on Wednesday with Dan. Our model didn't show up, and that was annoying. I'm so behind on homework but he's not tres concerned about that. And there's still two weeks to go in term. I could easily get it finished. I just need to settle in and do it.

Back to midterm. The same thing happened Spring term. Sort of. Then I actually looked through my drawing pad more. But looking through with Dan I was struck by how good my line drawings are (and conversely how putrid my charcoal/tonal things are).

So I am resolved. I'm going to be a bit of a rebel. I'm going to slow down. I'm going to stop trying to please him as much. I might throw out the damned vine charcoal. That stuff is just annoying. Okay, maybe I'll do a bit of a gesture with it, just to make sure I like my drawing placement. Then I'm going straight to the hard, yeah, you heard me, the hard charcoal pencil and I will do a decent sketch of the figure. I will not dither around on it, then again, I will not jump in to doing the toning right off. I will not block in the shadows so quickly. And when I have a decent sketch, I will start blocking in shadows, but I will not lose my underdrawing to it. I don't know how I'm going to do this. I wonder about using the powdered charcoal, trying to do something with that.

Trouble is, he wants us to block in the shadow mass all at once and then pull off the extra charcoal, lighten areas as needed. But making the shadow mass a single value to start with obliterates the underlying sketch and I will not get it back. And then I struggle to get the shadow values separated. The darkest dark is, most likely, going to be on the body, the cast shadow behind is going to be lighter, at least a nine to the body's ten. I'm thinking of bringing the shadow to the underdrawing's outline, using hatching, and then rubbing the hell out of it.

Have a number of different papers, some white Rives, but also some colored, as well as some Canson mi-teinte. And another gessobord. I'm going to ask if I can do my self portrait on the gessobord. I'm thinking of throwing in my first experiments with color, some gouache, or pastel, or watercolor. Can't hurt to ask.

Have started some manure tea. Yum. Also planted, finally, the last tomato plant and the eggplant. I have one little white turmeric. The other bits of rhizome did not sprout anything. We've had little bits of rain chez moi but not enough to keep the plants going, the water-loving ones anyone. I've had to water the basils and mints a couple times.

I'm going to attempt successive plantings of lettuce seeds and hope to harvest enough for the occasional small salad once in a while. Black seeded simpson is supposed to be especially successful for Florida, even further south than Gainesville.
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Quote of the day: "Knowing you," he had said mockingly, "you would stumble across some previously undetected manticore and arouse it from a thousand-year nap. After several student maulings, months of terror, and untold thousands of galleons of property damage, you would slay it gloriously, and Gryffindor would win the House Cup. I'd rather walk you back. I'm usually out terrorizing the careless at this hour, in any case. Near Gryffindor seems a good place to start." (Blood Magic, GatewayGirl)

Semi-productive day so far today. A little (emphasis on little) lawn work this AM while it was still relatively cool. Off to bank. Then to CFOP to pick up some gessobords (more on that later). Found a portfolio, a foldable, zippered, cloth thing, 20 x 26 I think, looks sort of waterproofish. More on that later, too. Impulse purchase--a sheet of cream Rives. Maybe I'll try that for something, instead of the white Rives.

Went to FedEx on Newberry, printed out more homework, a couple of Degas nudes, a couple of Eakins and a something or other.

Hell, I even had buffet at Taj but it wasn't worth it. I don't usually have the dessert, but I took a small dish of gulab jamun. How does someone make mediocre gulab jamun? On the plus side, they had papads. They never offer papads on the buffet.

Read more... )
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Quote of the day: You are not here. I know that you are gone,
And will not ever enter here again.
And yet it seems to me, if I should speak,
Your silent step must wake across the hall;
If I should turn my head, that your sweet eyes
Would kiss me from the door.—So short a time
To teach my life its transposition to
This difficult and unaccustomed key! (Interim, Edna St Vincent Millay)

Miss you, Mommy. A lifetime was not enough to know you. These eighteen years do not soften the loss, only scab it over.

“I had you and I have you now no more.”
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Quote of the day: The temperature's rising, it isn't surprising.... (Heat Wave, Irving Berlin)

Okay, so we're subtropical. Picky picky. And not that bad of a heat wave but I live to bitch. It had been so nice here, getting up to the upper eighties or low nineties and then cooling off as soon as the sun went down. Getting down quickly to the seventies, maybe even dipping under seventy before dawn. Now it's hotter, just a tad, but not enough late afternoon cooling. We have had a couple of pop-up thunderstorms but we're not really forecast anything rainwise for more than a week.

funny cat pictures - Mission: Cheezburger

Classes started this week. I have homework to do, a Pontormo and an Uglow. Different pics from Spring term so that's good.

My potted herbs are doing pretty well. The Red Rubin Basil was looking a tad thirsty this morning so I'm sure it's thirstier now. Will water it in a little while. The Tulsi is driving me absolutely mad; it is determined to set seed and I am determined that it not. Mostly, however, everything is doing pretty well, not usually needing emergency watering (or watering multiple times a day).

A couple of turmerics have shown up, one is maybe six inches tall now. Looks quite fetching. Yay turmeric! I picked up a culinary ginger with plans to plant it but still haven't down it. Will soon. If I can force myself to do it this afternoon/evening, I will. The heat is crushing though.

Pulled stuff out my portfolio (it was just too heavy). That last standing pose of Aubrey is really quite good. The seated poses are various degrees of putrid (though the face on the last pose is better than I had thought). And she is not sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fantastically stretched in that one. She doesn't look ten feet tall, maybe only seven. I'll take "better" in whatever increments I can get.


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