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Quote of the day: Thus in winter stands the lonely tree,
Nor knows what birds have vanished one by one,
Yet knows its boughs more silent than before:
I cannot say what loves have come and gone,
I only know that summer sang in me
A little while, that in me sings no more. (What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why (Sonnet XLIII), Edna St. Vincent Millay)

Hard to believe but it's been over a month since I've posted anything here. I've meant to, just haven't gotten around to it. I'm wasting far too much time over at Facebook, playing games. Vampires, for Christ's sake. I'm playing vampires! Why? I don't know.

Art Jewelry has an article on shibuichi. Bought the issue, haven't read the article yet. Did a little web searching. Reactive Metals wants something like $4.62 a square inch for 24 gauge 25% shibuichi. Shit. I've got to get into the shibuichi business. That's some nice markup.

I've been playing with foldforming some rings and bracelets. I linefolded some copper and thought, well, it's nice but it needs something. So started linefolding some sterling to back it with. That shibuichi article got me thinking. Sterling is dull, reticulation silver is too pissy and brittle (and why foldform it anyway), brass and "bronze" are boring, brass especially. Gold is only for the big kids. Oh, but shibuichi, shibuichi would be so pretty coupled with the copper. The patina options are intriguing and--almost--endless.

But $4.62 a square inch! In what universe?

Listen for reply... )
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Jewelry class started up again tonight. Such good big fun. I was almost on time, only twenty minutes late or so. I picked up a studio monitor form from Pat and will get it filled in and turned in tomorrow. It's so good to be back. I showed off my ingot mold and my quartz stirring rod. And I used my eight inch sawframe. I managed to lose (temporarily) the one Chased Wedge T-Fold that I have been working on to make into a brooch. I really do need to clean out my car. Anyway, I cut out more of the 18 gauge copper for the enameled/chain maille suite. I then did some filing along the strip that I cut trying to get it trued up. I still have to cut the piece into smaller pieces. 

I mentioned needing to get casting grain to Karen and she's interested in going in on an order. I couldn't tell from the Hauser and Miller site but Pat says that yes I can buy gold by the pennyweight. She says that in fact I could buy silver by the pennyweight but they'd laugh at me. 

Chania showed up after an hour or so of class. She says class is full but that she could possibly get special dispensation from Pat to get in. Pat says yeah sure fine. It was so good to see Chania again. I always enjoy our conversations. And she works bold. It's always good to have someone else around who is into dramatic. I mentioned the get together group and its yahoo group presence and she said to send her an invite. I'm so proud of myself, I came home and wrote the email forthwith. And when I did I found that Cree had sent in a request to join so I approved her. We now number hmmmm five I think. Chania will make us six. 

Karen tells me that Olivia did show up briefly to class and will be taking class again. I'll check with her and with Holly about whether they want me to re-invite them.

Pat is so excited about the prospect of me making my own alloys. She's never done it herself. She asked if I would need a carbon crucible. I said I don't know. I have to read up more fully before I start. She does have a brand new never been used for anything crucible that we are leaving in the closet, untouched, until I find out what I need. The young 'uns won't be casting for a few weeks anyway so it wouldn't be a hardship for them.

Chania is totally enthused by the fold forming and wants me to show her how to do it. I will demonstrate next week.

I turned both Chania and Wonder Pat on to Jeff de Boer. Chania now is another fan of Skipper of Arc. I love Skipper of Arc. I want to know, and yet I'm afraid to face the truth, but I do so want to know if there is an actual Skipper body inside the armor or if he only added the head and the hands. Oh please please please please let there be a whole Skipper inside. Please.

Breck and I are signed up for a class at Petsmart. Clicker Tricker or something like that. Anyway, it's a class for learning tricks. The girl at the checkout said "make sure they show you 'Bang, you're dead.' " They also cover things like learning how to do light switches and open refrigerators (I'm not sure if I want to teach a dog how to get his or her own lunch from the fridge) and things like that. I'm sure Breck and I will have fun. The class starts on 17 January.

I am so bereft and cast adrift. The Marriage Stone hasn't updated in over a month. The most glorious Josephine Darcy sent a missive to the e-group about the status of her update way before Christmas. In it she said how she had tried to get a chappie ready and was rushing and not happy with the work. And was then about to leave on a two week vacation. But she's home now. Or supposed to be. Perhaps she was kidnapped by space aliens. That could happen anywhere, anytime. Sigh. And it's a way way way long time til the next chapter of A Summer Like None Other, I know that. Aspeninthesunlight writes wonderfully long chapters and takes immeasurable care, so I'm not complaining. I will be happy when it gets here. But the wait is hard. So, let's see, I re-read Resonance by Greengecko, mostly because I knew I hadn't read the next two stories (well, I had read part of the second story but stopped for some reason). So I re-read Resonance to get back up to speed. And then went on to Revolution. And finally got to Resolution. And it's a WIP. So I'm caught up with it. And waiting waiting waiting. Arrgh arrgh arrgh.

Oh, well. I'm sure I had more to say but can't remember it now. I went by the Indian grocery to pick up samosas but they were out, again. And they had no Punjabi mix nor any other snack that I might want to take to class. I looked at the sweets but was planning to be out running errands and didn't want to chance anyone getting sick. I took a look at the sign on the Indian restaurant. Their projected opening date is now February. We'll see. Damn but I'm jonesing for some dal.

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But laws do change sometimes. Until then, well, a girl can dream. My sister-out-law, who shall remain nameless (Martha), is just too special. Saw her this evening last and in a little snippet of conversation we had she made it very clear that what she and Bob do is "art." Apparently, what my people and I do is some form of glorified occupational therapy. Next thing you know, they'll be giving me a really big, really blunt needle and some plastic canvas--oh, look, a bookmark. And then, who knows, maybe the same really blunt needle, some really red yarn and really big, really blunt, really wooden beads which I can string together in a really random order. All this without her having a friggin clue as to what I make.

It's too damned bad I don't work with ferric metals because then I could build my own refrigerator magnets to put up the rest of my refrigerator art.

But I'm not bitter. No, never that. Really.

I say piffle! And feh!

It's so true what Wonder Pat says about the view of the "art" world towards jewelry. It is so clearly only craft and so very easily dismissed.

Maybe I should do what everyone is urging and take my metal pieces and put them on a thingy and call them sculpture. Then I might actually produce something worthy of showing in a gallery. And I still say eff that. See, I can talk nice and proper.

Damn, if I stay at these heights I will get a nosebleed. Hmmm, that's epistaxis. I didn't learn that from freerice.com, I knew it already, but I'll be damned if I actually ever used the word before. 

Now on to more important things.

The mystery remains, that of the cautionary cows. Was there cow spillage? When did it happen? Where are they now? Where were they going? Where are they hiding? Why are they hiding? It's not like the Butler Plaza area is heavily wooded and rutted with deep ravines and blind canyons. That would be differently sighted canyons. Where are the cows? 

Cows, hiding in plain sight.

We dress like students, we dress like housewives, or in a suit and a tie.

Okay, and two points define a line. I have not found a third, non-linear cow caution sign. Are these two-dimensional cows? And who could make a value judgement like that? Without even knowing the cows? Do we ever really know anyone though? Isn't it pretty speciesist? I can't spell tonight. But that word wasn't on freerice.com so I don't care.

Morien, a type of helmet. Well, duh. Who doesn't know that.

Dolmen! Oh, come on.

Helminth. Well, I never used that one in a sentence before either but boy howdy I know what antihelminthic means and have used that in a sentence. Although probably only whilst talking to myself. As I always pick the most intelligent person in the room to hold a conversation with, well, you know.

And oh my God what damage hath AOL wrought. I just went to freerice.com and they no longer remember my total of like a gazillion grains of rice and they're giving me words in the dummy range. I mean "treaty," what kind of sh*t is that (another example of refined language)? Despoil? Pinnate? Do you people think I need training wheels? And why? All because I oh so foolishly clicked on that thingy that said, hey kid, want some candy oh no wait I mean there's a nifty new version of AOL and all the cool kids are doing it. Nascent? Is that a joke? Trumpery? Debridement? Detritus? Is this a vision of hell? 

Fettle? Cachet? Carom?

On a brighter note, I have a necklace mandrel in the back of the Cherry Red Roadster. And a quartz stirring rod. I know, I know. I can't believe it myself. But wait--an ingot mold. Oh my God! Is this so cool? It is, I know. Just need to buy me some fine silver casting grain and a pennyweight or two of 24K gold and I'm almost there. Houston, we have shibuichi. Houston, we have shakudo. And then, mokume gane. 

Mokume gane. And then the world, Pinky, the world.

I am so squee.

And Aspeninthesunlight updated A Summer Like None Other. On Christmas Eve. I mean, is this not the most excellent woman in the world. And she came through. Another excellent chapter, not like that's a surprise because when has she ever done anything less. Yes, she came through, she delivered, she made Christmas Christmas. Unlike a certain jolly old elf, who shall remain nameless (Santa) who stills owes me at least one freakin horse.

And a maine coon cat named Monty. With a Y and not an E. 

Oh, and I actually managed to get some work done on one of my stories. Some writing, or at least some writing about writing. And sometimes, that's almost as good.

All in all, not a bad day.



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