O Montina

Dec. 24th, 2007 08:35 pm
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 As I ponder the mystery of itinerant cows, I remember Montina, the Divine Bovine, and am suddenly filled with a desire to hear Bil Lepp tell that tale again. I checked the Ocali site, and his as well, and do not see him scheduled for the Storytelling Festival this spring in Ocala. Hélas! It is not to be.

Sandi and I finally got together for breakfast yesterday morning. Wonder of wonders, the 43rd St. Deli parking lot was only about half-full. And there were plenty of empty tables. Methinks folks were actually in church on that Sunday before Christmas.

Yep, everybody wants that pony.

Sandi's dad is slowly on the mend; he has (had?) pericarditis. He is now home. Little Matthew is back home with his parents. And does not need to take antibiotics at all anymore. This is a blessing. Such a little guy to be so sick.

Sandi is hoping that Pat has some information on how she might be able to get a new course number for Jewelry class so that UF will pay for it. An independent study class shouldn't have to have a separate code every time you take it but, again, alas.

The Fairy Princess really needs to go outside. Probably looking for Santa.

Santa's coming!
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Or maybe not. Who knows. It will remain a mystery unsolved. I surely would have loved to have seen some Christmas cows. Especially around Butler Plaza. Seems quite the place, for Christmas cows. The sign--one of those movable signs they use on highways to warn of smoke or fog or holiday slowdowns--definitely said cattle, not cow. Surely that implies a multiplicity of cows. But I saw not one. I wonder if they were bedecked with holiday ribbons and tinsel draped rakishly from their horns. Were they there to finish their holiday shopping? Butler Plaza certainly wouldn't have been my first choice. Though there is a Petsmart, Barnes and Noble, Michaels and Lowes jam packed in there. I would have expected them to hit the mall instead but maybe they were just finishing up odds and ends. And who am I to criticize anyone from wanting to avoid the mall. It's a dull place. Hecky darn, it doesn't even have a Crate and Barrel or any other half interesting place.

Santa's on his way: he said so when I IMed him. He's still playing it close to the vest about the Friesians, the diamonds or assorted metalsmithing tools. Or the hobby farm. That's Santa, though, isn't it?


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