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The day when a giant bunny brings baskets of dyed, hardboiled eggs and various candies cradled in colorful artificial grass in honor of the resurrected Christ.

My culture, but not my religion. Do I have a religion?

Diane and I are trading portraits. She started mine Tuesday last, worked some more on Thursday and after pondering, emailed me about the possibility of getting together Friday. She's been feeling selfish because I've been sitting and she's been painting. That will change, I hope, now that I get to work on my portrait. I got a start of it on Friday, did a silverpoint underdrawing and then an umber underpainting, very basic, not a full grisaille underpainting. So far, I like it.

Patricia (she's taking Painting I and II), happened upon us when we first started on Tuesday and said, oh, good. When you talked about trading last week I wanted to ask if I could get in on it but yada yada. Anyway, we both said, no problem and she set up an easel as well. On Thursday, about halfway through the "pose," Aubrey came in and said, damn, I didn't know you were doing this. Mind if I sketch you? Bwahaha, turnabout's fair play.

Next time, I'll bring a pillow.

Diane, a few minutes into her pose, said wow this is a hard chair. I mentioned the pillow idea, but that we'd have to bring it with us, not leave it, because too many things go walkabout.

We're talking about starting up a Friday portrait get together. The studio is always open Fridays, no classes ever scheduled for it, and it will be air conditioned through the summer.

I also mentioned my long-ago idea of sketching various rehearsals of dancers, actors, singers at Santa Fe and Diane is enthused. I'll bring it up to the others this week. And talk to Alora, again. There's also the community theatre and various dance places around town...

Tomorrow the world, eh?

Class remains very frustrating. I am resolved, though, to slow down, sketch out the pose more carefully, underpaint with umber and then stop the first night. The umber will dry (enough at least) not to muddy the colors the next night. I can spend the rest of the first night mixing colors. I can even have a test panel to play with.

I need to work on some stuff tonight and tomorrow to take in Monday morning for call for entries. I'll also have a cuff or two, the fold formed sterling things.
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Quote of the day: As fit as ten groats is for the hand of an attorney,
as your French crown for your taffeta punk, as Tib's
rush for Tom's forefinger, as a pancake for Shrove
Tuesday, a morris for May-day, as the nail to his
hole, the cuckold to his horn, as a scolding queen
to a wrangling knave, as the nun's lip to the
friar's mouth, nay, as the pudding to his skin. (All's Well That Ends Well, William Shakespeare)

Arrgh! Toned paper again today. We did a "long" pose (class period is only an hour and forty minutes total and we have set up and break down/clean up to figure in so long is a relative thing. Anyway, arrgh arrgh arrgh! And again I say arrgh.

I was doing okay, but my figure was a bit small, probably still is, even though I "erased" what I had and worked a bigger figure. Arrgh! That really says it all.

He's going to have Aubrey resume the same pose on Thursday and we'll continue. I'm going to concentrate on getting the shadows to break properly. That will make a big difference in my outcome.

I feel like it's one step forward and three steps back.

And those damned seated poses, they're hard. Oh, hell, it's all hard.

I actually got over to Fed-Ex, um, yesterday, oops, and finally got the latest homework downloads (latest as of Thursday last, oops) run out and worked on the one, a standing female. Got pretty far with it actually. The drawings are both by Prud'hon.

We're supposed to work on the other one for this Thursday. We'll have a self portrait to work on over the weekend but he hasn't given us instructions on it and he said, quite definitely, to hold off until he does.

He complimented me, my work in general, muchly when we met in the corridor post class. I said thanks but that it was so frustrating and he said, that's art. It's always frustrating. Couldn't agree more. Arrgh!


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