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 Spring term starts for me in less than two weeks. Already my heart is lighter. I have a necklace mandrel, a quartz stirring rod and an ingot mold all sleeping soundly in the back of the Cherry Red Roadster. Dreaming of jewelry.

I had a dream last night. Imagine that. Can't remember the last time I dreamed. Mom was in it, and Grandma. Haven't seen either one of them in a while. It's probably why I remembered the dream. Mom and I were travelling. There were swamps or something involved. There seemed to have been a vehicle, car, say it, car, but we also, or I at least, were also on foot somehow. Or some of the time. I seemed to have lost my footwear, shoes, say it, shoes, at some point. But I found them easily, readily enough. And my feet didn't seem the worse for wear, no injuries nor were they particularly dirty. Which is odd when you think about it, seeing as there was swamp involvement. Mom and I segued somehow to Grandma's house and spent time on the porch at the table. I think we talked about things. I think we lit lights. At some point we decided to go shopping, maybe, or otherwise to look for food. Maybe we were going to eat out. I think we had firm ideas about where we were going and what we were going to get. We went outside. And Grandma had come back, with groceries, in paper sacks. There seemed to be light shining from the sacks. Funny I should remember that. And she had things to eat. But not the things which we were going out to get. But this was Grandma and she had paper sacks. So we sucked it up and helped her inside with them and I woke up. 

I'm fast coming to the conclusion that the mystery cows are someone's imaginery friend cows. We're all supposed to nod and smile and look indulgent. The signs were still there yesterday morning. And oh yes the area was so replete with cows. They were falling all over their little imaginery feet.

Could have smacked my head when I realized my error. Two points do indeed define a line. But linear cows would be merely one dimensional. They would not rise even to the heights of two-dimensionality. Planar cows would be two dimensional. Would I even be able to see and recognize one- or two-dimensional cows? This would explain why I cannot see the cows that are there. But why then would I need to use caution? Can my car even impact one- or two-dimensional cows? Can a one- or two-dimensional cow step on my foot and break my toes?

So glad that Bob called on Wednesday morning to ask when I wanted to get together. Well, when are you leaving? Ummm, Friday. Friday morning. I laughed, lightly. Well, that pretty much solved that. I guess Thursday was the right answer to that one. Thing is, if I had gone down there on Wednesday I would have discovered FDJ to be closed. I would not now currently have a necklace mandrel, etc., in the back of the Cherry Red. Sometimes things just work out that way. 

I picked up three poinsettias last night at Publix: one pink; one red single; one red double. They still have the foil around the pots. I will have to remove that soon. We have another cold front coming, with the rain that brings. The pots won't be able to drain with the foil still in place. I'll be greenhousing the poinsettias and the curry leaf tree in the Cherry Red through the cold nights. We have three forecast with temperatures from the mid-twenties to freezing for lows. I should tuck them in with quilts and hot cocoa. If I manage to get them through the winter, the poinsettias, I have a good shot of having some nice big plants by next Christmas. I need to look again at the directions for pruning, how often and such, to encourage growth. Should I pot them up a size now, getting them out of the plastic, and let them grow a bit before I prune? Probably. Always good to get things out of plastic pots. But if I prune after I pot up, right after, they'll be in pots too big for their roots to support.

Those foil wraps sure are pretty though. I need to make some mosaic cachepots, using that mirrored glass Spectrum makes. Can't remember the name right now. Wonder if they have introduced any further colors or textures. I'd have to protect the pots against the weather: mirrors don't care much for the rainy stuff and the cold, real below freezing cold, is not good for anything stained glassy. Too much chance of breakage. If I get started soon, I could have them ready way in advance of needing them.

It was nice to see John the other day. He actually seemed glad to see me, a real genuine smile on his face. Unlike Bob who let me know just how much he was keeping an eye on his watch. Is it worth trying to cultivate some sort of relationship with Bob? I don't know. I don't think so. But I won't shut the door all the way.

John is thinking of getting a video camera. Hmmmm, this might be what I need. Dr. Arey keeps telling me I need to videotape my creative process and I can see it happening. I could work something out with John maybe. Though someone unknown to me might work out better, more distance. Who knows.

I need to get the printer hooked up and send in an app to Florida Craftsmen. I want to see where I can go with that.
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But laws do change sometimes. Until then, well, a girl can dream. My sister-out-law, who shall remain nameless (Martha), is just too special. Saw her this evening last and in a little snippet of conversation we had she made it very clear that what she and Bob do is "art." Apparently, what my people and I do is some form of glorified occupational therapy. Next thing you know, they'll be giving me a really big, really blunt needle and some plastic canvas--oh, look, a bookmark. And then, who knows, maybe the same really blunt needle, some really red yarn and really big, really blunt, really wooden beads which I can string together in a really random order. All this without her having a friggin clue as to what I make.

It's too damned bad I don't work with ferric metals because then I could build my own refrigerator magnets to put up the rest of my refrigerator art.

But I'm not bitter. No, never that. Really.

I say piffle! And feh!

It's so true what Wonder Pat says about the view of the "art" world towards jewelry. It is so clearly only craft and so very easily dismissed.

Maybe I should do what everyone is urging and take my metal pieces and put them on a thingy and call them sculpture. Then I might actually produce something worthy of showing in a gallery. And I still say eff that. See, I can talk nice and proper.

Damn, if I stay at these heights I will get a nosebleed. Hmmm, that's epistaxis. I didn't learn that from freerice.com, I knew it already, but I'll be damned if I actually ever used the word before. 

Now on to more important things.

The mystery remains, that of the cautionary cows. Was there cow spillage? When did it happen? Where are they now? Where were they going? Where are they hiding? Why are they hiding? It's not like the Butler Plaza area is heavily wooded and rutted with deep ravines and blind canyons. That would be differently sighted canyons. Where are the cows? 

Cows, hiding in plain sight.

We dress like students, we dress like housewives, or in a suit and a tie.

Okay, and two points define a line. I have not found a third, non-linear cow caution sign. Are these two-dimensional cows? And who could make a value judgement like that? Without even knowing the cows? Do we ever really know anyone though? Isn't it pretty speciesist? I can't spell tonight. But that word wasn't on freerice.com so I don't care.

Morien, a type of helmet. Well, duh. Who doesn't know that.

Dolmen! Oh, come on.

Helminth. Well, I never used that one in a sentence before either but boy howdy I know what antihelminthic means and have used that in a sentence. Although probably only whilst talking to myself. As I always pick the most intelligent person in the room to hold a conversation with, well, you know.

And oh my God what damage hath AOL wrought. I just went to freerice.com and they no longer remember my total of like a gazillion grains of rice and they're giving me words in the dummy range. I mean "treaty," what kind of sh*t is that (another example of refined language)? Despoil? Pinnate? Do you people think I need training wheels? And why? All because I oh so foolishly clicked on that thingy that said, hey kid, want some candy oh no wait I mean there's a nifty new version of AOL and all the cool kids are doing it. Nascent? Is that a joke? Trumpery? Debridement? Detritus? Is this a vision of hell? 

Fettle? Cachet? Carom?

On a brighter note, I have a necklace mandrel in the back of the Cherry Red Roadster. And a quartz stirring rod. I know, I know. I can't believe it myself. But wait--an ingot mold. Oh my God! Is this so cool? It is, I know. Just need to buy me some fine silver casting grain and a pennyweight or two of 24K gold and I'm almost there. Houston, we have shibuichi. Houston, we have shakudo. And then, mokume gane. 

Mokume gane. And then the world, Pinky, the world.

I am so squee.

And Aspeninthesunlight updated A Summer Like None Other. On Christmas Eve. I mean, is this not the most excellent woman in the world. And she came through. Another excellent chapter, not like that's a surprise because when has she ever done anything less. Yes, she came through, she delivered, she made Christmas Christmas. Unlike a certain jolly old elf, who shall remain nameless (Santa) who stills owes me at least one freakin horse.

And a maine coon cat named Monty. With a Y and not an E. 

Oh, and I actually managed to get some work done on one of my stories. Some writing, or at least some writing about writing. And sometimes, that's almost as good.

All in all, not a bad day.


O Montina

Dec. 24th, 2007 08:35 pm
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 As I ponder the mystery of itinerant cows, I remember Montina, the Divine Bovine, and am suddenly filled with a desire to hear Bil Lepp tell that tale again. I checked the Ocali site, and his as well, and do not see him scheduled for the Storytelling Festival this spring in Ocala. Hélas! It is not to be.

Sandi and I finally got together for breakfast yesterday morning. Wonder of wonders, the 43rd St. Deli parking lot was only about half-full. And there were plenty of empty tables. Methinks folks were actually in church on that Sunday before Christmas.

Yep, everybody wants that pony.

Sandi's dad is slowly on the mend; he has (had?) pericarditis. He is now home. Little Matthew is back home with his parents. And does not need to take antibiotics at all anymore. This is a blessing. Such a little guy to be so sick.

Sandi is hoping that Pat has some information on how she might be able to get a new course number for Jewelry class so that UF will pay for it. An independent study class shouldn't have to have a separate code every time you take it but, again, alas.

The Fairy Princess really needs to go outside. Probably looking for Santa.

Santa's coming!
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Or maybe not. Who knows. It will remain a mystery unsolved. I surely would have loved to have seen some Christmas cows. Especially around Butler Plaza. Seems quite the place, for Christmas cows. The sign--one of those movable signs they use on highways to warn of smoke or fog or holiday slowdowns--definitely said cattle, not cow. Surely that implies a multiplicity of cows. But I saw not one. I wonder if they were bedecked with holiday ribbons and tinsel draped rakishly from their horns. Were they there to finish their holiday shopping? Butler Plaza certainly wouldn't have been my first choice. Though there is a Petsmart, Barnes and Noble, Michaels and Lowes jam packed in there. I would have expected them to hit the mall instead but maybe they were just finishing up odds and ends. And who am I to criticize anyone from wanting to avoid the mall. It's a dull place. Hecky darn, it doesn't even have a Crate and Barrel or any other half interesting place.

Santa's on his way: he said so when I IMed him. He's still playing it close to the vest about the Friesians, the diamonds or assorted metalsmithing tools. Or the hobby farm. That's Santa, though, isn't it?


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