Apr. 13th, 2016

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Been away forever. Well, sort of. I read LJ most every day, at least browse, but haven't written.

It's been a year since jewelry class ended, almost. Pat and I have gotten together a few times, once at her studio. I haven't made anything new in a year and that's got to change. The price of silver wavers, it's been going up a little bit but it's still under $20. So I really should order some and get to work.

Theo died last summer. I'm actually "friends" on facebook with this guy in Orlando (SCAer) who posted Theo's obit but I didn't see it at the time, there's just too much stuff that floods that page. I found out a couple months after Theo died when I did another search trying to see if I could find him. And I did. So sad.

Sandi and Theo gone in just a few months. So sad.

Been taking some pictures of my work. But still need to make product shots and lifestyle shots and get them up on Etsy.

Twisted my left knee sometime in late December. It's better but not healed yet. It's wearing. But it is better.

Started a diet. A serious diet. Medifast. Started it last Saturday, so not quite a week. I think it's doable. It's taking me a bit to adjust to the reduction in calories, sometimes get a bit lightheaded or tired. Or hungry like crazy. But it will be okay.

Oh, well, more later.


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