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Who knows, I'm sure I have something to say

Quote of the day: Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. (Confucius)

It's cold up in Big Brotherland but not as bad as it could be. Or, perhaps, it's more correct to say, not as snowy as it could be. The worst of the storm stayed south of them.

Um, Painting has been frustrating. I've been feeling like I want to cry, much of the time. But we chatted, a bunch of us, including Dan, post class on Thursday and he said something about the Critic. And I remembered how I had a deal with my Inner Critic about singing, how it had worked quite admirably. So, I've turned to my Inner Critic, once more, and said, you, take this legal pad and pen, and you know the drill, no comments while I'm working.

Class should be less angsty, sturm and drangy from now on.

The Ottlite Craft Caddy crapped out yesterday. I've only used it a couple times. Now the bulb is dead. Crap product.

Big Brother and I bonded over art and stuff yesterday. I had sent him a link to Dan's work (though I think that by the time Big Brother finally looked at the email, he thought I was praising Dan's stuff). I don't know, it's hard to put the conversation into words, it got kind of gobbletygooky, touchy feely, Jungian archetypes and the human experience and beauty being something that we respond to on a visceral level.

Ya know.

He said that my self portrait (use it on facebook, now have added it here) has more emotional...hmmmm...oomph (my word)...immediacy...impact, than do Dan's paintings.

He said he's only now learning stuff, that he never was taught, really, color theory and such, in his BFA program, nor at PAFA. But he has this great book, one that Dad had bought. "Oh, what's the title?" Everything I Know about Painting. (Actually, it turns out it's Alla Prima: Everything I Know about Painting.) It's still in print. It costs $95 from the author. (You want to buy it used, sure, do that, you'll pay maybe 2-3-400 dollars, um, no thanks.) I don't know. I'd like to see it first. It's probably way above my pay grade.

Oh, well, hmmmm, let's see. Hit me or sit on me or stage an intervention if I say, hey, the medieval faire is coming up in a couple weeks, sounds like fun, eh? Never again. This is not to say that I'm not going to attend the faire again, I'm just not going as a tourist. I plan to work the faire next year with the group. I'll have an herb garden there and be there in my recently decided upon alternate persona as a late renaissance Dutch painter (will talk about women in the arts and stuff and the difficulties they faced, etc.)

Pat said "I had a dream with you in it. I wanted to show you this exhibit and we tried to get to it but they had taken it down and I don't even know what it was I wanted to show you. But we were having a good time." That's kind of nice. Proof I think that Pat thinks of me as a friend more than as a student.

Hmmmm, planning a box or two (we have heavy copper) that I'll enamel. Was looking at reliquaries, thinking that I might do one of them, then saw something and thought I could do a box with a courtly love theme. Thought, hmmm, maybe I could a Reynard/fabliaux/anthropomorphic animals as the lovers but after looking for images thought that I wouldn't push it. I don't know. I still like the idea of chevalier Reynard and some pretty white cat as his "liege." I don't know. I've been searching through images, trying to get ideas. I need to do four sides of the box and then possibly a four sided top.

Maybe I'll stick with angels...

Let's see, in other news, they've confirmed they've found Richard III's skeleton. He did have scoliosis. But no withered arm. No matter, he's still dead.