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Quote of the day: Why, heartless, foolish world, why did you give the cat a necklace? Now a poor defenseless mouse is dead and the king of the cats has forgotten how to sit at the table and use a knife and fork. And all because you gave a cat a necklace. (If You Give a Cat a Necklace (Mmm… Marginalia #30), Got Medieval, Carl Pyrdum)

I can't believe term is over. I drove on to campus yesterday afternoon and I was suddenly struck with a sense of...something...nostalgia...angst. It was just yesterday, okay, I guess now it was just the day before yesterday (since it is now today and I'm writing about yesterday and even I'm getting confused) and it was the beginning of term and I was buying my textbooks for Drawing II (where I was going to learn to draw and set the art world on fire) and picking up my picture I.D. (The camera did not break.)

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Quote of the day: Harry picked up the flattened glass ball again. "Can this thing really detect Lethifolds?"

"According to the user's manual. Goblins and Ghouls are its primary detection mode, however."

"Goblins?" Harry querried. "What, in case they come into your kid's room in the middle of the night and ask them to open an account?" (Revolution, GreenGecko)

Have begun my experiments with silverpoint, and other metalpoints, for that matter. Mind you, this is all the very, very initial stages. I picked up some Strathmore watercolor paper, 140 lb. I seem to remember finding some site that said that a heavy enough paper did not need to be wetted and stretched (and then dried) before applying umpteen coats of gesso. I've put down two coats of gesso (the cheap kind at CFOP, Art Alternatives) on four sheets of paper. I intend to put two more coats on two of the sheets. I sanded one sheet (a little) with 400 wet/dry, probably should have started with coarser grit than that. Oh, well, no harm no foul.

Hmmmm, the page I'm looking at right now says a foam roller is good. I'll have to check that out. Sounds very promising.

I will also try Masonite as a backing material and who knows what. Maybe some bristol board. Who knows, maybe someday some vellum.

I'll also pick up some zinc white gouache. And at some point try pouncing paper with pumice. Maybe someday some bone white (chicken bones, I haven't paid attention to preparation).

Will be looking for models in my local barony. I'm planning to find folks with excellent (sort of) Renaissance era garb. Excellent lines (and really only from the waist up) are all that matter. The fabric can be all wrong, the color can suck, the fabric can have Smurfs, or Hello Kitty, or what have you, all over (diapered, I suppose). I won't be adding the Smurfs. As long as the lines are right, everything's copacetic.

I've played a bit with my 5 and 6H pencils (how did I never really realize that Faber Castell only makes up to 6H and skips 7H, 8H and 9H? Who knows. I'll have to see if CFOP carries Derwent, they make the full range of hard pencils. Anyway, the harder pencils are good practice for silverpoint.

I'm excited.

And, yeah, I'll even end up wetting, stretching (and drying) before gessoing some paper. Seems like from being thoroughly lazy, I've gone totally crazy.

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Quote of the day: As fit as ten groats is for the hand of an attorney,
as your French crown for your taffeta punk, as Tib's
rush for Tom's forefinger, as a pancake for Shrove
Tuesday, a morris for May-day, as the nail to his
hole, the cuckold to his horn, as a scolding queen
to a wrangling knave, as the nun's lip to the
friar's mouth, nay, as the pudding to his skin. (All's Well That Ends Well, William Shakespeare)

Arrgh! Toned paper again today. We did a "long" pose (class period is only an hour and forty minutes total and we have set up and break down/clean up to figure in so long is a relative thing. Anyway, arrgh arrgh arrgh! And again I say arrgh.

I was doing okay, but my figure was a bit small, probably still is, even though I "erased" what I had and worked a bigger figure. Arrgh! That really says it all.

He's going to have Aubrey resume the same pose on Thursday and we'll continue. I'm going to concentrate on getting the shadows to break properly. That will make a big difference in my outcome.

I feel like it's one step forward and three steps back.

And those damned seated poses, they're hard. Oh, hell, it's all hard.

I actually got over to Fed-Ex, um, yesterday, oops, and finally got the latest homework downloads (latest as of Thursday last, oops) run out and worked on the one, a standing female. Got pretty far with it actually. The drawings are both by Prud'hon.

We're supposed to work on the other one for this Thursday. We'll have a self portrait to work on over the weekend but he hasn't given us instructions on it and he said, quite definitely, to hold off until he does.

He complimented me, my work in general, muchly when we met in the corridor post class. I said thanks but that it was so frustrating and he said, that's art. It's always frustrating. Couldn't agree more. Arrgh!
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Quote of the day: “We're each of us our own chiaroscuro, our own bit of illusion trying to emerge into something solid, something real. We've got to forgive ourselves that. I must remember to forgive myself. Because there's an awful lot of gray to work with. No one can live in the light all the time.” (A Great and Terrible Beauty, Libba Bray)

Grey day, might rain.

Hands, though washed several times, are stained with charcoal. Next thing on list to add to art kit--fingernail brush. So I'll look like a dweeb post class (don't I always though?), at least I won't look like I have the plague, or something.
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Quote of the day: Cézanne rushed foward: 'You wretch! You have upset the pose! You should sit like an apple. Whoever saw an apple fidgeting?' Motionless as that fruit may be, Cézanne was sometimes obliged to leave a study of apples unfinished. They had rotted." (Ambroise Vollard, 1936, on posing for Paul Cézanne.)

Nice day today, sun was out, the sky blue with wispy white clouds. The cold weather snap is done, we'll get to the mid-thirties tonight. That's more than cold enough for me.

I'm a bit irritated with Dan. He mentioned sending out homework to us. And he finally did. Sunday afternoon at around three, if I'm reading the email info right.

Is he joking? How much headway does he expect us to make on it by tomorrow morning at 9:00?

He actually had to correct me on Thursday--"that's pretty good but you need to move the foot over." What? What? Oh, damn! I had done a vertical and roughly lined up the foot but didn't verify as the drawing progressed. A quarter inch, that's all it was off, not a huge glaring error but glaring enough, wrong is wrong. But arrgh.

I hadn't gotten enough sleep the two nights before, for whatever reason (doing the "foot" homework was only part of it). I think that led to some of my problems last Thursday. I just couldn't seem to get the gesture right. I struggled. We did three quick poses. The last had the bad foot placement. I was, well desperate is too strong a word but I'll use it, desperate to get something, anything done, right. Desperate and pissed off. I hated the sketch when I was in class but think it's one of the best I've done. Maybe it doesn't look properly like Aubrey, who knows, but it's good. More forcely, less tentative, stronger, more confident.

I've decided that, in addition to getting enough sleep, I'll do some gesture before class to warm up.


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