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The powers that be that own LJ have moved their servers from California (where they were subject to American law) to Russia (where they are subject to Putin).

So apparently, DW is the place to be right now.

I'm always willing to sheepily follow. Or maybe not.

DW has never seemed to catch fire. I don't think there are as many communities as on LJ, but maybe that will change too.

Anyway, start of a new year. Classes start on Wednesday, I'm thinking of taking Mixed Media again with M-- N--. Yes, I'm crazy.

Been doing loom knitting. Posted a few pix to FB, Pat came back with "I want to see you doing that with silver wire." One thing has led to another, almost, and I'm going to be building a loom. I've been thinking of using nails but today started to wonder if I should use wooden pegs of some sort. The websites on wire knitting suggest bamboo or wooden knitting needles. Arrgh. And haven't found anything about anyone loom knitting with wire. 

I'll figure it out.
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I mean, I got the structures pretty close to all right. But when I looked at it a couple hours after class, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell the legs were long. How I got them that off I don't know. (Sure as hell I know, I didn't check and check and check my freakin not really measured measurements. I mean, who am I kidding? But really, why why why. Arrgh.)

But it's almost not bad. And I so wanted to shade it.

Going in to the studio on Friday, sort of noonish to three-ish. Allison expects to be able to sit for us. I'm not sure if I'll have a signed studio monitor form for it (Alora--and no she hasn't answered my email yet--was gone for the day or perhaps not in [but her office door was wide open and how weird is that if she were gone for the day], she might be back Friday. I have her admin's card.) But should the campus cops wander in, I'm going to wing it and look very wide eyed and maybe get a bit of a whine in my voice but allllllll the teachers say we can use the studios on Fridays, honest they do. Who knows. They never showed up when we were there in the recent past.

Diane is planning on joining us.

I might open the day up to other people as I get to know them better.

One doofus came over and critiqued my drawing mid-draw, very pontificatingly, very from on high. We turned the drawings around at the end of the session. I walked around and looked at my fellow classmates' work. Varying degrees of good and non-good. The pontiff's? Nothing remarkable. Not at all.

The older lady in class (she's going to be one of the "fun" ones, I can tell. Dan said, you know, if you did the homework last night, you'd have an easier time right now. "I was scared to do it."


It's a Raphael. What's so scary? Do it right, do it wrong. What's scary? (Did I do it? No, I have to figure out where I put the book. I'm not buying another one.)

All in all, though, I'm sort of almost kind of pleased with the second drawing of the day (and the first wasn't too bad either). The seated pose, o she of the long long legs, had a few moments of elegance and grace to the line, the Robocop legs notwithstanding.
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Quote of the day: Why, heartless, foolish world, why did you give the cat a necklace? Now a poor defenseless mouse is dead and the king of the cats has forgotten how to sit at the table and use a knife and fork. And all because you gave a cat a necklace. (If You Give a Cat a Necklace (Mmm… Marginalia #30), Got Medieval, Carl Pyrdum)

I can't believe term is over. I drove on to campus yesterday afternoon and I was suddenly struck with a sense of...something...nostalgia...angst. It was just yesterday, okay, I guess now it was just the day before yesterday (since it is now today and I'm writing about yesterday and even I'm getting confused) and it was the beginning of term and I was buying my textbooks for Drawing II (where I was going to learn to draw and set the art world on fire) and picking up my picture I.D. (The camera did not break.)

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Quote of the day: “We're each of us our own chiaroscuro, our own bit of illusion trying to emerge into something solid, something real. We've got to forgive ourselves that. I must remember to forgive myself. Because there's an awful lot of gray to work with. No one can live in the light all the time.” (A Great and Terrible Beauty, Libba Bray)

Grey day, might rain.

Hands, though washed several times, are stained with charcoal. Next thing on list to add to art kit--fingernail brush. So I'll look like a dweeb post class (don't I always though?), at least I won't look like I have the plague, or something.
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Jewelry class started up again tonight. Such good big fun. I was almost on time, only twenty minutes late or so. I picked up a studio monitor form from Pat and will get it filled in and turned in tomorrow. It's so good to be back. I showed off my ingot mold and my quartz stirring rod. And I used my eight inch sawframe. I managed to lose (temporarily) the one Chased Wedge T-Fold that I have been working on to make into a brooch. I really do need to clean out my car. Anyway, I cut out more of the 18 gauge copper for the enameled/chain maille suite. I then did some filing along the strip that I cut trying to get it trued up. I still have to cut the piece into smaller pieces. 

I mentioned needing to get casting grain to Karen and she's interested in going in on an order. I couldn't tell from the Hauser and Miller site but Pat says that yes I can buy gold by the pennyweight. She says that in fact I could buy silver by the pennyweight but they'd laugh at me. 

Chania showed up after an hour or so of class. She says class is full but that she could possibly get special dispensation from Pat to get in. Pat says yeah sure fine. It was so good to see Chania again. I always enjoy our conversations. And she works bold. It's always good to have someone else around who is into dramatic. I mentioned the get together group and its yahoo group presence and she said to send her an invite. I'm so proud of myself, I came home and wrote the email forthwith. And when I did I found that Cree had sent in a request to join so I approved her. We now number hmmmm five I think. Chania will make us six. 

Karen tells me that Olivia did show up briefly to class and will be taking class again. I'll check with her and with Holly about whether they want me to re-invite them.

Pat is so excited about the prospect of me making my own alloys. She's never done it herself. She asked if I would need a carbon crucible. I said I don't know. I have to read up more fully before I start. She does have a brand new never been used for anything crucible that we are leaving in the closet, untouched, until I find out what I need. The young 'uns won't be casting for a few weeks anyway so it wouldn't be a hardship for them.

Chania is totally enthused by the fold forming and wants me to show her how to do it. I will demonstrate next week.

I turned both Chania and Wonder Pat on to Jeff de Boer. Chania now is another fan of Skipper of Arc. I love Skipper of Arc. I want to know, and yet I'm afraid to face the truth, but I do so want to know if there is an actual Skipper body inside the armor or if he only added the head and the hands. Oh please please please please let there be a whole Skipper inside. Please.

Breck and I are signed up for a class at Petsmart. Clicker Tricker or something like that. Anyway, it's a class for learning tricks. The girl at the checkout said "make sure they show you 'Bang, you're dead.' " They also cover things like learning how to do light switches and open refrigerators (I'm not sure if I want to teach a dog how to get his or her own lunch from the fridge) and things like that. I'm sure Breck and I will have fun. The class starts on 17 January.

I am so bereft and cast adrift. The Marriage Stone hasn't updated in over a month. The most glorious Josephine Darcy sent a missive to the e-group about the status of her update way before Christmas. In it she said how she had tried to get a chappie ready and was rushing and not happy with the work. And was then about to leave on a two week vacation. But she's home now. Or supposed to be. Perhaps she was kidnapped by space aliens. That could happen anywhere, anytime. Sigh. And it's a way way way long time til the next chapter of A Summer Like None Other, I know that. Aspeninthesunlight writes wonderfully long chapters and takes immeasurable care, so I'm not complaining. I will be happy when it gets here. But the wait is hard. So, let's see, I re-read Resonance by Greengecko, mostly because I knew I hadn't read the next two stories (well, I had read part of the second story but stopped for some reason). So I re-read Resonance to get back up to speed. And then went on to Revolution. And finally got to Resolution. And it's a WIP. So I'm caught up with it. And waiting waiting waiting. Arrgh arrgh arrgh.

Oh, well. I'm sure I had more to say but can't remember it now. I went by the Indian grocery to pick up samosas but they were out, again. And they had no Punjabi mix nor any other snack that I might want to take to class. I looked at the sweets but was planning to be out running errands and didn't want to chance anyone getting sick. I took a look at the sign on the Indian restaurant. Their projected opening date is now February. We'll see. Damn but I'm jonesing for some dal.

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It's been a bit chilly down here in sunny Florida these last few nights. We were projected to hit a low of 19 last night/early this morning but seemed not to have. I'm not complaining. It was cold enough. I didn't cover the scented geraniums. The Robers Lemon Rose and the Snowflake (ha!) Rose look okay; the Peppermint looks the worse for wear. I hope it comes back. 

I was very popular with the cats last night. Moti, of course, spent most of the night under the blankets with me. Miracle tried again to join her. Moti doesn't seem to be able to accommodate her. It's funny, they cuddle all the time but under covers, Moti gets all snarly. At least I didn't get shredded. I told the monkey-faced girl that I would be quite happy to cuddle her and she slept the better part of the night under the blankets by my left shoulder. It was Moti's loss.

The Fairy Princess and I went out this afternoon. It was sunny and I could pretend it was warm. At least with the windows up and the heater going. Our scheduled trip was to Petsmart where we picked up some wet food for the cats, a couple of calendars (I picked up a beardie one as well as a BC) and Breck got a couple of snacks from the cashier. While driving over to Petsmart I remembered that the Indian restaurant had projected a 1 January re-opening. Curious to see if it were true, I drove down there to take a look. Unless they're going for a very minimalistic look--no tables or chairs--they're still not finished doing whatever. I noticed a pickup truck out front with "stuff" in it--carpenterish/handymanish type stuff.

Class starts next week--woo hoo! I am so ready. I'm going to look at Pat's schedule and possibly go over and intercept her if she has a Monday or Tuesday class and get a studio monitor form signed and turned in before the start of class. Then I can stay Wednesday night after class. It's so convenient to do that. I'll be there, I'll have dragged all my stuff in, the kiln will finally be hot enough and I'll be warmed up myself.

I will probably show off my necklace mandrel to Wonder Pat and the other crazies. Karen will probably appreciate it. And woo hoo, I do have the ingot mold and quartz stirring rod. I haven't even opened them up. I should find out if anyone wants to order anything from Hauser and Miller. I should check with Hauser and Miller to see if they sell gold casting grain by the pennyweight. I believe that Rio does.

I can't even visualize a pennyweight of anything. Trouble is, getting more gold won't do me any good because 24k gold is too soft for much applications. Sigh.

I should probably make sure to have closed toe shoes with me the night I make my ingots. It's at least an effort at safety and somewhat safer than wearing my birkenstock Arizonas. I'll need to get someone in addition to Pat to help with the project. It will take two people to melt and mix the alloy while a third is warming the ingot mold. And maybe a fourth to keep an eye on the three people with torches, crucibles and ingot molds, sort of directing traffic. Just kidding.

I wonder how difficult it will be to get the alloys mixed properly? Will the shibuichi be easier? The amounts are not so skewed (68% to 32% as opposed to 96% to 4%). And how will I know if they are well mixed? Properly mixed? I guess I'll find out soon enough.
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I had the most metal--so I win.

Everybody wants me to make the t-folds into sculpture. I don't want to do that. I want to make usable things. Arrgh. Though I agree with Pat about some of the chased wedge t-folds looking like vases. I could do that. I've seen that as well. I could make little bud vase--wall hangy things.

I made an all right cholle, not the best I've ever made.

Sandi did not make it. I am not surprised. Matthew has moved out of intensive care and the icu doctor thought he could go home and get his meds there. But the other doc on the regular peds floor says noooooooooooo this kid has to stay here three more weeks.

Lauren got sick and shooed away from the hospital.

Sandi remembered a paper she needs to write and turn in really quick.

I had more stuff to write about but I don't remember what it was. I'm so tired.

The Hammock is an easy area to get lost in. Witness me, getting well not quite lost but confused.

I have to remember to get over to school tomorrow and pay my fees by four o'clock or they drop me from the class schedule and I have to try to sign up again. I don't think we're that filled up that I would be blocked but don't want to take the chance.


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