Dec. 4th, 2016

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I hied myself out of the house and got to walking this afternoon. Yeah, I've been walking most days, I've missed Sundays sometimes and just stayed home. In my defense, last week, on Saturday, I got to the bus bench across from the law library and zoom the effing bus blew past me. Really? Anyhoo, I sat for a moment, pondered, got up and started trudging again. Got to Westgate and into the Publix before the next #5 came by, which gave me two miles. It was tough, sad, but still, I did it.

So Sunday last, I rested.

My achilles tendinitis is still tres annoying. But it's not any worse.

Back to the story. I walked today and as I lumbered along I realized, hey, I'm going a tad faster. And really, just a tad, really. A smidgen of faster, a pinch. But it was something measureable by my brain. And little walks are easier than they were.

And going out, getting going, is reaching that tipping point of being pleasurable, as being, boy oh boy oh boy it's time for my walk.

And it's helping my overall mood level. Happier over all.

We have a cold front on its way. Accuweather says a low of 37 on Friday/Saturday and a low of 30 on Saturday/Sunday. I've also heard a low in the mid-twenties. No no no no no no no. Too cold. Too cold.

We're in a La Nina, kind of droughty, and though my roses are doing okay, not showing any drought-stress, I've been toying with the idea of dosing them with water from time to time, after adding maybe liquid fertilizer at about a quarter strength. And maybe top dressing them with Black Kow or something. I don't want to encourage a whole passel of growth right now. I don't know.

And am toying with planting some of the rose hips that some of the plants are sporting right now and seeing what I get. Couldn't hurt.


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